Wise words: A lesson to successful relationships (the romantic kind)


A guy called Mark Manson was about to get married. Naturally, he asked around for advice and stories on what makes successful relationships successful, here were the top findings:

  1. Be together for the right reasons
  2. Have realistic expectations on relationships and romance
  3. The most important factor in a relationship is not communication, but respect
  4. Talk openly about everything, especially the stuff that hurts
  5. A healthy relationship means two healthy individuals
  6. Give each other space
  7. You and your partner will grow and change in unexpected ways; embrace it
  8. Get good at fighting
  9. Get good at forgiving
  10. The little things add up to big things
  11. Sex matters… a LOT
  12. Be practical, and create relationship rules
  13. Learn to ride the waves

Point 2 is so true… I have a friend who constantly lives in the world of Disney and as a result never crosses the bridge out of the honey-moon period. Also point 11 – AGREED! Read more here 😉

Embracing the remote working future: A starter-pack with top-tips


New to remote-working and don’t know how to start or manage yourself?

Here’s a great piece by Lauren Moon that shares the best advice for remote work. In this guide they are:

  • Debunking common remote work myths
  • Highlighting remote work communication best practices for communication
  • Providing ideas for balancing relationships between remote and in-office teammates
  • Giving specific software recommendations
  • Advising on finding remote jobs, as well as tips for hiring managers
  • Exploring the company culture that forms around remote work

Check it out here

We are travelling 67 years back in time with a new website for logo design lovers: Logobook


We believe inspiration can come from anything and anywhere.

Today’s article is about logo designs going back to the 50s that you can have a look through a new website called Logobook. Site’s editor, Seymour Auf Der Maur, believes having a database of logo designs can help new business push their creativity and avoid repetition. One interesting concept is that all the designs are in black and white to encourage you to analyse its concept. Fancy having a look? More here

Choose Green for the New Year. 80 different ways to include healthy food in your life


We make the choice of being healthier everyday, here are 80 fast, easy recipes from breakfast to meals including smoothies that will make your mouth water, and they don’t take much time! Read more here

14 Branding secrets revealed by Fashion Industry Experts


14 receipes to branding success summed up:

  1. Establish your individuality
  2. Create great content
  3. Use the right look & feel of colours, lighting and text
  4. Consistency on tone of voice
  5. Compelling company value and story
  6. Be topical
  7. Find your niche, understand your audience
  8. Leverage influencer marketing
  9. Take time to breathe, don’t rush
  10. Know the market and the competition
  11. Use a branding agency
  12. Define your ultimate business objective
  13. Bring your customers a sense of comfort, acceptance and inspiration
  14. Tell a meaningful story

Read on here for more insights, brought to you by Dayna Winter @ Shopify

Starter-kit to translating Influencer Marketing to Conversions


A helpful 101 and starter-guide by Shane Barker to understanding what influencer marketing is, what value you can draw from it, pros and cons as well as actionable insights to translate this now multi-million dollar business to conversions for your business. What a wonderful journey we have been on in the past decade – we see this all as a domino-effect. Without the birth of social media, all these new business models would not exist. In our view, the power of influencer marketing is absolutely massive. At the end of the day, we as humans are always looking for connections and finding ways on how we can find relevance in our peers to create new relationships, aspirations and knowledge. Read the guide here.

Live the story in an immersive Star Wars Hotel


This is SUPER awesome. Disney announced a cheeky teaser campaign that they will be opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline. We are firm believers of story-telling and this sort of thing reminds us of the likes of Secret Cinema, which is hugely popular in London. Your movie-going experience is no longer 2D, rather there are people who are acting out the characters and roles in the film so you feel like you are living it. INCREDIBLE! Have a read of the article here

Get away from the Metropolitan noise in The 7th Room

blog treehotel

A hotel located in Sweden, where you’ll forget everything and admire the nature’s beauty. If we think of our Ellyot’s motto; work everywhere, this is a place we certainly wouldn’t mind working from. Beautifully designed by Snohetta, very well-equipped and diverse activities – the TreeHotel offers a real go-to place to relax. Want to find out more about what a day in The 7th Room would like be? Continue reading here.

Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel

Blog banksy

Has anyone gone to see this, this year in Palestine? Rom Levy discusses this in the article here. Loving the ever elusive Banksy… The latest pop up we know about is the one in London by the Barbican. Please comment below if you ever see any Banksy art around London – fingers crossed it’ll be near one of our Ellyot spaces.

An open letter to Donald Trump by Leland Melvin

blog donald trump

This is just too good. An open letter from Leland Melvin, former astronaut and NFL player… The sincerity and honesty of this letter is unreal. He articulates what we are all thinking perfectly and to be fair, one year on, we are still in shock that Trump is the president of America. We believe in freedom of choice and opinion here at Ellyot 😉 Read on here