Garrett McNamara – Nazare

Garrett McNamara is a citizen of the world. He walks the land as an ordinary man, but what he does in the ocean is anything but ordinary.

At a time when big-wave riding has reached new heights of popularity, a number of surfers have stepped to the front. None of them can surpass McNamara’s combination of talent, courage and thirst for the unknown. Overthe past ten years, McNamara has been on a mission to catch the biggest, best waves on the planet, and he has succeeded mightily.

Garrett is arguably the most committed ocean explorer in the world. You just put him in any situation in the water and GMAC is not only ready to go, but go hard! When history scans its memory banks prominent, important images take front and center: Surviving the monstrous barrel at Jaws during the winter of 2003, leaving everyone in awe, being one of only 2 human beings ever to ride tsunami waves generated by calving glaciers in Alaska in the summer of 2007(and quite possibly the last!), going deeper in the barrel than anyone has ever gone at Teahupoo, and surviving the horrible wipe outs that come along with his approach. The list goes on, from stand up paddle surfing at Mavericks to winning nearly every tow contest and big wave award out there. 
 Garrett Moore McNamara’s journey to the reality he now lives in began far from the ocean in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.


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