London Calling – Stylist | FRANCESCA BURNS

“I loved the idea that you could just lose yourself in the pages and that, through fashion, you could be the person you wanted to be”


At the time, Burns thought that to actually work in fashion, you had to either be a designer or a writer. And when she first revealed to a teacher that she wanted to work in the industry, she was sent to gain experience at a “granny” hair salon near her home.

Francesca Burns, the platinum blond Londoner who has styled countless cool girls, from Dree Hemingway to Lara Stone, and six months ago, was named fashion editor of British Vogue.

As a child growing up in Surrey, just outside of London, Burns used fashion as a means of escape and self-invention.

“I loved the transformation. And when I was little, I used to change outfits about 70 times a day, which drove my mum insane,” she says with a smile. She poured over magazines like Voguei-D and The Face.



Learning the ropes, she says “what I learned was to trust my taste and instincts. You can’t recreate. You can only be yourself.”

As for her, “yourself” entails easy living glamour with an edge. She’s all about color, prints, and texture.


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