Le Havre, The students Residence Architecture by Atelier Cattani Architectes

These are such a unique transformation of comfortable old containers into modular units equipped by Atelier Cattani Architectes. Assembled on a metal grid, the containers have given shape to a four-story building that houses 100 apartments of 24 square meter. The architect says Cattani reflections that accompanied his work. It was necessary to conceive a project light, transparent, and above all not massive. Hence the idea of independent living, to avoid the stacking effect.  The solution was found in a metal frame that serves as structural support to the old container, while allowing individual units to stagger, and create new spaces for walkways, patios and balconies. The metal structure – Cattani says – it allows a better identification of different accommodation, and enhances them by means of external extensions that become terraces and balconies. The sequences of the transverse corridors giving access to the apartments on the facade create a succession of solids and voids that give the structure greater visual transparency.  The building designed by the metal structure is spread over four floors, which are distributed on the 100 studios. The first level was raised from the ground. Thus the units housed here can enjoy the same intimacy afforded to units on the upper floors. All apartments face a garden inside and are fitted on both ends of the glass walls that allow natural lighting of spaces. To ensure maximum heat and sound insulation, the walls of the container adjacent to the outside and those that divide the different units have been coated with fire walls in reinforced concrete of 40cm wide, and come within layers of rubber to dampen vibrations. The external facade is designed by the combination of the old “boxes” that has kept the undulating, repainted in metallic gray. Inside, the designers chose white walls and wooden furniture. Each studio has a bathroom, kitchen and free Wi-Fi. Hopefully it can be your new inspiration in designing your unique home design in minimalist cost.


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