Born between a farm and a forest in the U.S. and a fan of wearing her cat, Thomas, on her head as a child, it’s no wonder Katie Gallagher is the new quirky cool darling of the fashion world.

“I try to create what I would love to be wearing myself. In most cases, this is extreme versions of what you’d actually see me wearing; but it all works pretty hand in hand.”


I normally create a scene, a narrative, or sometimes a whole universe that I would be interested in making a reality, and then I fill these worlds with people. The people just happen to be wearing what’s appropriate to their surroundings and ideas.

Clothes aren’t really at the center of my interests; the people that wear them and their ideals are.”


Katie Gallagher’s collections feature unconventional patternmaking, strange volumes, secrets, and the idea that fashion is not just about fashion, but rather about the stories, moods, ideals, and attitudes of the designer herself. Her eponymous collection was launched for the Spring-Summer 2009 season.




Saloni Lodha is easy to envy.

She’s strikingly beautiful, well-traveled, a close pal to a gaggle of celebs, and most enviable, she’s the brains behind her own eponymous line.



Her pieces are feminine, delicate, small works of poetry that are meant for contemporary women with a modern spirit. Hand-designed fabrics are used along with brocades from Indian tradition.

Small ruffles add movement to pieces with metallic inserts, bringing to mind antique jewels.

Colors as bright as precious gems and lines meant to make the most of a woman’s figure in a continuous play of materials that offers Indian craftsmanship with an updated flair.



As a model, Munich native Andrea Karg fell in love with fashion, specifically, though, cashmere.

And after pursuing a law degree, Karg set out to create a line of cashmere apparel that was far from ordinary.

Today, her line of sumptuous knits Allude is one of the most successful cashmere companies in Germany, and, lucky for us, the collection has recently arrived stateside…just in time for the chilly weeks ahead ?




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