CAR2GO – Global

There’s a new movement in the city: The first personal public transport.

car2go is a revolutionary mobility concept that opens up completely new possibilities in urban mobility. Simply get in and drive off. There’s nothing else you have to worry about.

Enormous amounts of people move around in our cities: car2go makes it more efficient and quicker, and with fewer vehicles. This relieves heavy traffic in the cities, which ultimately benefits the environment, the town, and everyone.

Welcome to the world of car2go.

Members can rent a car2go as needed, or they can reserve one 24 hours in advance. Using a smartphone app or through the Internet, available car2go vehicles can be located and can be driven as long as needed. Ending the rental is done by simply leaving the vehicle at any permitted parking spots within the operating area or at specially marked car2go parking spaces. Rental rates are by the minute, with discounted rates for hourly and daily use. Rates include fuel, parking, mileage, insurance, maintenance and GPS navigation.

At this point, the car2go network has more than 40,000 members and 1,000 smart vehicles. Expect the service to expand in North American and Europe in the immediate future.

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