Tommy Ton – Canada

There are now hundreds of renowned photographers of urban fashion, and names like The Sartorialistor Facehunter have become icons of reference in this matter. But today I want to talk about Tommy Ton, my favorite coolhunter photographer.

Tommy is Canadian, and like many of us, without being a photographer, he began taking pictures for his own blog. Over time, his photographs became so good that his talent was spotted by big fashion brands, who started to invite him to the coolest fashion shows or red carpets.

He is now at the epicenter of fashion, and has the chance to see the best looks all the time, but he hasn’t forget how he started, and hasn’t changed his ways. He is still the guy who takes amazing casual pictures on the street, at a cafe, in the subway, etc…

Currently you can find Tommy Ton’s work on some websites like GQ and Style, but he is always doing something else for other pages. I usually check his blog for inspiration.

Photo credits Tommy Ton

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