coming out loud ‹ drew henry

FROM : Central Saint Martins

BA Fashion design, press show 2012

One of the top new names to watch is South African born Drew Henry, whose graphic minimalist collection had CSM insiders and students buzzing even before the big show.Image



Henry was raised in coal-mining towns before settling in Johannesburg at the age of 17, when he studied at a technical fashion school specialising in commercial pattern cutting and sewing.

There, he excelled and quickly rose to the top of his class, setting his long-term sights on London.

“I remember reading old issues of i-Dand Dazed & Confused and seeing all these designers that had studied at CSM,”


“The first year, I struggled,” says Henry of his early days at St. Martins.

“All these people had design foundations and I was from a different school altogether. I could sew and I could make patterns, but the research, the development, that wasn’t there. It was a good knock for me because I’d had this attitude that I was a big gun. At CSM, it’s an environment where people are incredibly talented and you have to work that much harder to stand out”.


For his final collection, Henry spent hours in the CSM library looking for inspiration from his home country.

“I was finding South African references that I had never even seen before: books from 1965 that had been forgotten on the shelves.”

And it was there, amongst the old, long-forgotten books, that he stumbled upon the works of photographers, David Goldblatt, Jurgen Schadeberg and Roger Ballen. Their social documentaries of South Africa’s working class became the jumping-off point for Henry’s graduate collection entitled, Intersections.


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