Colibri official for our favorit products

We’ve all heard of cases, skins and other personalized add-ons you can use to customize your Apple products. But all of these items have one same issue: they hide the beauty of a beautifully designed object.
This is what french luxury brand Colibri Official understood. Born from the simple idea of merging art et new technologies, Colibri has collaborated with world-renowned artists and designers to re-design our everyday products (Macbook, iPhone, iPads to name a few).
Each product is closely worked on, making sure each little detail is brought to perfection, a finishing touch and harmony that reminds us of the most respected luxury brands in the world. The aluminum body is laser-cut so that the main drawing replaces the lit up apple. Every other step is closely applied, just like the high quality coloring process, similarly used by luxury car brands.
Colibri says no to mass-produced items, making each of their products limited to 8 in the world for MacBooks (Air & Pro) and 15 for iPhones and iPads.
For their first “rendez-vous”, Colibri has decided to collaborate with artists André, Craig&Karl, Darcel as well as the Saint-Exupéry foundation for Le Petit Prince.

The collection is exclusively available at the Colette eshop.

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