The New Wave of Barbershops in Los Angeles

YouTube channel Thrash Lab has released the latest video in its Subculture Club series. After showcasing the world of Freegans, Custom Motorcycle Builders, and Beard and Mustache Enthusiasts to name just a few, the Subculture Club continues on its voyage to educate. This installment focuses on the world of barbering, in particular taking a closer look at three LA barbershops. The episode interviews the owners of Capsule Barbers, Bolt Barbers and Proper Barbershop about the vision for their business, what they want customers achieve after a visit, and overall their own personal love for the art of barbering. With each expressing the love of their craft and the belief in a ‘look good, feel good’ mentality, it’s easy to see the goal behind each profiled barbershop to create a unique feel for their business and an individual experience for each customer that walks through its doors. With Subculture Club‘s aim to explore the divide between the ‘us and them’ mindset of certain subcultures and lifestyles, this latest installment provides a great insight into an art form with a rich history and such passion from those who practice it.

By Dave Horner

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