How to increase your Instagram followers in a few easy steps

pexels-photo-122383.jpeg Instagram has been so successful over the last few years, that for a business it’s become an invaluable tool. This article takes an in-depth look into how you can curate a great Instagram strategy and help you to target your first 300 real Instagram followers.

Neil Patel breaks this down into 15 steps, all geared towards helping you to leverage this amazing platform for your company and brand.

  1. Determine the overall purpose of your instagram account
  2. Come up with a content strategy
  3. Design your profile for maximum engagement
  4. Post photos that grab attention
  5. Add long image captions to your post
  6. Add strategic hashtags
  7. Create a posting schedule
  8. Locate and follow your target users
  9. Follow 50 users per hour
  10. Become an active member of the community
  11. Partner and cross-promote with relevant users
  12. Run challenges and contests
  13. Run instagram ads
  14. Link your instagram to you offline customer
  15. Keep tabs on what’s working so you can continue to optimize your performance

We here at Ellyot, love Instagram and we’re convinced it will do wonders for your marketing campaign and product! Read more here

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