Creative, Vibrant and Colourful Ice Cream

haagen_thumb3Cookies and Cream, Strawberry cheesecake, Belgian Chocolate, all classic flavours from Hagen-Dazs, probably our favourite ice cream company (sorry Ben and Jerry’s!). But over recent years, we got the feeling that the old burgundy colour and branding made it feel old and dull, definitely not what you taste though!

Well, recently Haagen-Dazs had a splash of colour added and vibrant makeover, to help make that transition from the 60’s to now. Letting go of that stuffy, boring design, Haagen-Dazs has now opted for a bright fluid and modern feel, one that resonates with a millennial audience. Now each of the flavours sports its own bespoke and tailored package, each one telling a story of the flavours inside the ice cream.

At Ellyot we think branding is important, take a look at our astronaut who defies gravity, the same way the workers of today aren’t constrained by their offices; this is why we love this new rebranding by Haagen-Dazs. A modern and bright colour aesthetic, which really draws the eye, freshens the brand and resonates with its audience.

You can read more about this re-branding here

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