Nylos recommends the best food for your gut microbiome health, weight loss, sleep, energy and mood.

Only about 3 years ago, I was a 25 year old with no care in the world. I stayed up, drank, ate junk food and hardly exercised. That was until I had a major panic attack whilst on holiday in Portugal. It was a turning point in my life and a wake up call…

Since then, I started to be much more conscious about health and wellness – specifically in the field of prevention. The concept of prevention is still relatively new to Western medicine, as most doctors in the West only prescribe you something when something is wrong. But what if we can prevent something before it happens? This is a practice that has been long-standing in the East – an idea that focuses on the on-going maintenance of the body and mind.

After deep-diving into all the research out there, I found that the best way to achieve optimal well-being is through food. It’s something we as humans do everyday, three times a day, if not more. As part of this journey, I discovered gut microbiome testing services out there which can ultimately identify, quantify and recommend me the best foods I should eat for my individual gut health. After trying many different ones out there on the market, I found Nylos was the most attainable both in terms of price and ease. I found the results were super straightforward to understand and follow, unlike other brands.

Nylos gives you food tips for your gut health. They do this by analysing your gut microbiome health and recommending foods you should eat and avoid. You can then follow bespoke personalised nutrition tips to optimise towards your goals. Whether it be improving gut health, weight loss, sleep, boost energy or reduce menstrual pain, Nylos can help you achieve good health and well-being. 

The lesson here is that it is never too late to start looking after yourself – and the best way to do that is through eating the right foods for you and your gut.

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