Kaffeine Café by DesignLSM – London


DesignLSM have recently completed the interiors for a second outlet for Kaffeine, based in Eastcastle Street W1.

Kaffeine is an independent Australian / New Zealand owned café delivering high standards in service, food, coffee and décor.





It is called the Free Electric hybrid bike, and its founder is Manoj Bhargava. When an individual pedals the bike, the action drives a flywheel, which turns a generator and charges a battery. This means from just one hour of pedaling, a rural household can be supplied with energy for 24 hours.

Bhargava and his team developed the bike with a particular goal in mind. It was not to get rich; it was to help solve some of the most devastating problems our planet faces. Specifically poverty, the energy crisis, obesity, and climate change.

Pukeko Coffee


Pukeko Coffee – Oxford, England.

Near the city centre, at a really busy part of town traffic-wise (all day and night) sits an unsuspecting surprise. Seemingly out of place, serving like a vendor is a New Zealander with a cart (a three-wheeled vespa) probably smaller than most people’s first car. This is a fantastic idea in theory as many students and lecturers would pass him by to get to their university classes. Wholeheartedly, it is absolutely worth it.

The World’s best bar 2015


Artisan in London, close to Oxford Circus is the World’s best bar 2015. With it’s delicious creation of cocktails inspired by Dalì and it’s elegant environment it really is a special places to for a drink or two. One Cocktail comes in a wooden box with smoke coming out, the box of secrets the waiters will say. Another Cocktail will be served by putting you a ring on your finger which carries a fisher net that embraces the glass.

cocktail-bar-in-central-london sexonthebeach2

It all sounds very weird, but you have to go, see and taste it to really believe it.

This is the transportation gadget of the future


Impossible is nothing. This is the spirit of Lexus engineers who figured out a way to make the flying skateboard from Back to the Future possible, the Telegraph is reporting. The giapponese engineers worked together with physicists in order to create the most advanced “flying skateboard” the world has ever seen. Check out the video below.