Liverpool: The Gutter round-up

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James Rodriguez, Douglas Costa And Faouzi Ghoulam round-up by Josh Sexton. For those of you who are not football followers, when you hear people refer to ‘The Reds’, they are directly referring to Liverpool. Apparently here at Ellyot we are quite ‘green’ at football. Mind the pun and read on here

Do you have the ‘ESFJ’ personality in your workplace?

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The Good & Co looks into the ESFJ personality type, which stands for Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. These people are usually crowd-pleasers, very popular and hardly steps on anyone’s toes. At Ellyot, we definitely feel like a ESFJ is needed in the work-place as we encourage diversity. Everyone is different and contributes to a different role, bringing their own special value. Introverts may feel slightly intimidated by the ESFJ personality type, however we should all try to embrace differences. Read more here

Vibey work-space in King’s X – Generator London


“I think the highlight for me as the Events Coordinator for Generator London is always working with such an eclectic mix of clients. Everyday is a new vibe, from creative start up and social influencer events, right through to massive global brands and companies.

Our biggest event was for 500 people from one of the UK’s leading health and fitness companies and it was a massive success with so many good memories forged. On the flip reverse of that the day after I was hosting 20 people from a small tech start up, so it’s incredibly varied but just such fun.” (Nathan Roberts)

Generator is located in the heart of Central London, next to King’s Cross station. Unlike any other hostel, it’s a really creative environment with tons of little quirks and features and no matter what you’re up to there’s a space for it.

You can book this space – Search Ellyot for iOS on the appstore or head to

For all our artist friends… interesting take on illustration from Jack Stroud

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We’re feeling extra creative today at Ellyot. We tested out the theory by artist Jack Stroud from the article by Dom Carter. Being completely honest, we thought we had a more of a photographic memory but turns out we agree with Dom. Test it out for yourself and send us your pics.

The Workers’ Cafe – Hackney, London

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“There was this one time where we were too cool for Harry Styles of One Direction (or more likely the other way round). Back before we made sandwiches and all the other things we make now, we only sold soups that are made by an amazing French/Iranian chef. Anyway, Harry waltzed in with his mate and bluntly asked “Do you do food?” to which I replied affirmatively and offered him a sample. One of our customers, a friendly Scottish girl, saw he was hesitant and encouraged him to try the sample as she’d just had the soup and loved it. He mumbled something to his mate, declined just as bluntly as his introduction, and they left. After a short pause, the girl asked me, “…was that Harry Styles?” I said, “Yeah, I think it was.” and we both carried on with our evening. And that was that. I must say though, I was much more starstruck when the storyboard illustrator for my favourite cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball came in to try out our co-working space for the day! I’ll admit I fanboyed pretty hard that day.” (Mike, manager of The Workers’ Cafe)

The Workers’ Cafe is located in Hackney, London. As well as their fascinating, creative, professionals with diverse careers and backgrounds, they are the only place that offers the setting of a cosy, independent cafe with the purpose of a co-working space.

You can book this space with Ellyot. Download the app and check us out on

Kaffeine Café by DesignLSM – London


DesignLSM have recently completed the interiors for a second outlet for Kaffeine, based in Eastcastle Street W1.

Kaffeine is an independent Australian / New Zealand owned café delivering high standards in service, food, coffee and décor.





It is called the Free Electric hybrid bike, and its founder is Manoj Bhargava. When an individual pedals the bike, the action drives a flywheel, which turns a generator and charges a battery. This means from just one hour of pedaling, a rural household can be supplied with energy for 24 hours.

Bhargava and his team developed the bike with a particular goal in mind. It was not to get rich; it was to help solve some of the most devastating problems our planet faces. Specifically poverty, the energy crisis, obesity, and climate change.

Pukeko Coffee


Pukeko Coffee – Oxford, England.

Near the city centre, at a really busy part of town traffic-wise (all day and night) sits an unsuspecting surprise. Seemingly out of place, serving like a vendor is a New Zealander with a cart (a three-wheeled vespa) probably smaller than most people’s first car. This is a fantastic idea in theory as many students and lecturers would pass him by to get to their university classes. Wholeheartedly, it is absolutely worth it.