The World’s best bar 2015


Artisan in London, close to Oxford Circus is the World’s best bar 2015. With it’s delicious creation of cocktails inspired by Dalì and it’s elegant environment it really is a special places to for a drink or two. One Cocktail comes in a wooden box with smoke coming out, the box of secrets the waiters will say. Another Cocktail will be served by putting you a ring on your finger which carries a fisher net that embraces the glass.

cocktail-bar-in-central-london sexonthebeach2

It all sounds very weird, but you have to go, see and taste it to really believe it.

This is the transportation gadget of the future


Impossible is nothing. This is the spirit of Lexus engineers who figured out a way to make the flying skateboard from Back to the Future possible, the Telegraph is reporting. The giapponese engineers worked together with physicists in order to create the most advanced “flying skateboard” the world has ever seen. Check out the video below.

New York from above – Jeffrey Milstein photography

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein captures cities using high-resolution camera equipment from the open door of a helicopter. He has released these photographs of the Big Apple as part of a his LANY exhibition, featuring images of New York and Los Angeles.

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s e a s h o r e — l i b r a r y


Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_2 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_3 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_6 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_7 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_10 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_14 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_15 Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_16  Seashore-Library-by-Vector-Architects_dezeen_784_20


no doubts this is the most strangely strange yet oddly normal location in the whole world you would go to get some wisdom. unfolding feelings. of distance and loneliness.

beijing based studio vector architects built the aptly named seashore library on the white sands of a beach in Nandaihe, a coastal region in eastern china.

this cast-concrete library sits on a stretch of deserted beach facing the East China Sea and features a tiered reading hall topped by a curving ceiling

the cast in-situ concrete walls are imprinted with the grain of their timber formwork – influenced by the rippled markings left behind on the sand by the wind and water

“it implies a mark of memory in time – wood grains are the marks of realisation process that we want to leave on the library.

also, it softens the hardness of concrete with warmth.”


“from outside, it looks like a weathered rock that is pure and solid; but inside, what it contains is the rich feelings and experiences”

“when walking into the space, one starts to feel the light, breezes, and sound of the ocean. In here, everyone can slow down the usual pace, and unfold the feeling of distance and loneliness different from the city life.”

giacomo carmagnola || the #trooper

(photoshop) fusing symbolic photographs and figures from history, digital artist of these days Giacomo Carmagnola combines old and new and is said to create modern images.

“completely absorbed by” glitch art and writers like h.p. lovecraft and carlos castaneda, in amongst his work is mithered contemporary anxiety.

he states his perception of these images is  “alternative beauty”, finding it extremely fascinating “how the same image can change so much by keeping its original ‘skeleton’. –  Of course they’re also visually impactful. But before this, I find them simply beautiful.”

for now and the foreseeable future.