Adidas in Savile Row

adidas-x-size-x-Henry-Poole-NMD-R2-02-1Adidas is a brand synonymous with sport, Stormzy and tracksuits. Henry Poole is a brand synonymous with Savile Row, military tunics and the smoking jacket. Not exactly a combination that comes to mind immediately, however, the two recently collaborated over a new trainer.

Henry Poole is a tailors which was founded in 1806, and was one of the first tailors on the now world famous Savile Row. Their tailors have created suits for everyone from Napoleon III, Charles Dickens and even Winston Churchill.

Adidas, who took inspiration from the long, illustrious history of Henry Poole, produced a shoe that fuses street wear with tailoring. While at first seeming a bit odd, it’s become a new trend, with many a red carpet being graced with the combination of tuxedo and trainer. The trainer is now seen as an alternative to the more classic Oxford or Brogue shoe. This meant that a trainer was the most suitable way to form a collaboration between the two clothing brands.

The Adidas-Henry Poole shoe, which is a variation on the Adidas NMD, has 2 colours, a navy blue and a charcoal grey variation, both of which come in a purple mesh bag, and for that added touch of class and sophistication – a wooden shoebox.

We think Adidas is always edging it with innovative new pieces and we love it.

Read more on this collaboration here.

14 Branding secrets revealed by Fashion Industry Experts


14 receipes to branding success summed up:

  1. Establish your individuality
  2. Create great content
  3. Use the right look & feel of colours, lighting and text
  4. Consistency on tone of voice
  5. Compelling company value and story
  6. Be topical
  7. Find your niche, understand your audience
  8. Leverage influencer marketing
  9. Take time to breathe, don’t rush
  10. Know the market and the competition
  11. Use a branding agency
  12. Define your ultimate business objective
  13. Bring your customers a sense of comfort, acceptance and inspiration
  14. Tell a meaningful story

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Starter-kit to translating Influencer Marketing to Conversions


A helpful 101 and starter-guide by Shane Barker to understanding what influencer marketing is, what value you can draw from it, pros and cons as well as actionable insights to translate this now multi-million dollar business to conversions for your business. What a wonderful journey we have been on in the past decade – we see this all as a domino-effect. Without the birth of social media, all these new business models would not exist. In our view, the power of influencer marketing is absolutely massive. At the end of the day, we as humans are always looking for connections and finding ways on how we can find relevance in our peers to create new relationships, aspirations and knowledge. Read the guide here.

New York Fashion Week 2016


Who says you can’t wear beach attire in the fall? Top designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Custo Barcelona, and BCBG Max Azria incorporated beach-inspired crochets with fall trends to create gorgeous handmade-looking pieces.

(r)evolution VS fad : gender fluidity

think-outside-the-gender-binary is THE now credo! few happenings:

• the “mx” honorific being this close to be officially included by the oxford dictionary to its next edition,  as a way to represent all those who do not want define as “mr” or “ms”, “over the past two years, ‘mx’ has seen a surge in acceptance and is now recognised on official documents such as driving licenses and bank statements”…

•• we live in the same world where facebook and google+ have added that new ‘infinite’ gender options for users

••• the american comedy-drama television series “transparent”, produced by picrow for amazon studios, debuted on february 6 last year, the story revolves around a LA family and their lives following the discovery that the person they knew as their father Mort is transgender

•••• trans models (from hari nef to andreja pejic), besides the fact that they are trans and models, they are also been found to burn up the runway, mm

••••• selfridge’s ‘agender’ pop-up department, aiming to create a ‘genderless shopping experience’,  is claimed to represent one of the hottest initiatives in fashion this year, and in retail all the more

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.48.13

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.48.27

last but hey not least, coufme was yesterday part of the freaky funny audience at the official preview of  my model / myself exhibition by (con)temporary artist mx (number one and most well-known representative of the mxs) justin vivian bond (the exhibition is open to visitors from today, may 6) at vitrine gallery, groundbreaking name among the variety of Bermondsey art spaces.

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.45.20

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.45.33

interesting enough, mx bond draws his/her(?) exposition as “a journey to escape traditional gender roles through a



of self-creation

as a survival


Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.49.46


or a subtle peek into a darwinian evolution chapter?

SØLVE SUNDSBØ ||| I have no style


Sølve Sundsbø is one of the great innovators in contemporary image-making. His capacity for visual experimentation has brought him enduring respect within the industry. His advertising clients include Chanel, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hermès, Armani, Louis Vuitton, H&M and Yves Saint Laurent. Sundsbø has also created editorials for Italian Vogue, Love Magazine, Visionaire, V, Interview, i-D, The New York Times, Vogue Nippon, and W Magazine.

If I’ve got a style, it’s that I’ve got no style


Sølve Sundsbø was born and raised in Norway and has lived in London since 1995. He is a defiantly modern photographer, creating images that are strange, skewed, manipulated, at times ethereal, at times uncanny, always interesting.

When he came to London from Norway to study at the London College of Printing. After four months he was discovered and snatched away from his degree by Nick Knight, who employed him as his assistant for the next four years. It was a formative education, working within the extraordinarily influential and inventive environs of SHOWstudio, alongside many of the key creatives of the era. And since then, he has continued to push the form of the fashion photograph far beyond the formula of girl-meets-dress, creating finely wrought, intelligent, beautiful images that always startle and intrigue.



How does living in the UK differ from Norway?  What do you miss from your home town?
It is very different. Norway has the innocence of being provincial and quite pure. The energy and the pace and grit of the UK makes it so much more interesting for me as a photographer. But I miss the nature and the quiet lifestyle…


• He has also created artwork for several album covers, most notably Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head •••

Image •••