Top London hot spots to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018

Football. Love it or hate it. The World Cup is here. Howling and cheering crowds of people dressed in different national colors, the beer flows in streams and even football haters risk a glance or two at the screen. From June 14th to July 15th the Fifa World Cup 2018 takes place in Russia. Here’s our top pick of best pubs, bars and rooftop gardens in London to enjoy football with your colleagues, friends or family.

Pitch, Stratford

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At the Pitch you can tuck into some fantastic street food and wash it down with a wide selection of craft drinks while watching the World Cup. The best thing about the Pitch: Entry to most games will be absolutely FREE and, even the most popular games will be ticketed at just £5 a head, including a drink on arrival.  But don’t forget that the England games will sell out quick so get your bookings in now.

Boxpark, Shoreditch

Boxpark, the world’s first pop-up mall is famous for creating its mini foodie villages out of refitted shipping containers but did you know that they are also going to broadcast the World Cup? Get your tickets here.

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The Merchant Square Big Screen, West London

The Merchant Square Screen in West London will screen a number of the FIFA World Cup matches on their Pavilion Big Screen over June and July. Support your team and chill out on comfy seating whilst enjoying from the amazing retailers or street food vendors!

More information here.


The Bud Boat, River Thames

We all know the problem. Your girlfriend wants to go on a romantic boat ride but you want to watch the World Cup. Why not watch the World Cup on a boat? Budweiser’s “Bud Boat” will set sail down the Thames for 14 games during the tournament, with DJs keeping the party going long after the end of the game. Pre-booked tickets start at £10, find them here.


Banksy at the Barbican

banksy-basquiat-barbican-01-720x456Illusive artist Banksy has recently graced London with another 2 pieces of his famous stencil work, and both pieces appearing in Barbican, in central London. The first piece was called ‘Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump’ which shows a character and his dog, standing by two police officers.

This piece also coincided, and was inspired by the Jean-Michel Basquiat show ‘Boom For Real’ which opened a few days later in Barbican Centre. The character or ‘Boy’ was a representation of Basquiat. Later in an Instagram post accompanied with a picture of the artwork, Banksy wrote, ‘Portrait of Basquiat being welcomed by the Metropolitan Police – an (unofficial) collaboration with the new Basquiat show.’

The second artwork which is smaller can be seen on the opposite side of the road. This one featured a stencilled queue of people waiting at a ticket booth, next to a Ferris wheel, with crowns (drawn in chalk), replacing the carriage seats on the fairground ride.

We think the secret identity of Banksy does more the half of the marketing to be honest… The artwork is borderline mediocre and almost repetitive. Let us know what you think about his latest piece. Comment below…

Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel

Blog banksy

Has anyone gone to see this, this year in Palestine? Rom Levy discusses this in the article here. Loving the ever elusive Banksy… The latest pop up we know about is the one in London by the Barbican. Please comment below if you ever see any Banksy art around London – fingers crossed it’ll be near one of our Ellyot spaces.

Bumpkin with Marissa Hermer from Ladies of London

Bumpkin blog headshot

Marissa Hermer and her husband Matt Hermer are owners of one of Ellyot’s most A-list venues – Bumpkin. They have three branches in London located across Chelsea, South Kensington and Stratford (Westfield). Marissa is also a cast member on Bravo TV’s “Ladies of London” and Bumpkin features prominently in the popular reality series. Series two kicked off with an explosive confrontation when Marissa chose to host her annual Thanksgiving dinner in the Private Dining Room at Bumpkin South Kensington to the dismay of another cast member who hosted her own duelling event at home. Fans from around the world continue to visit Bumpkin and try her signature cocktail and favourite sticky toffee pudding.

Bumpkin offers a comfortable home-from-home for city folk who like a little country living.

Check out the space on

Vibey work-space in King’s X – Generator London


“I think the highlight for me as the Events Coordinator for Generator London is always working with such an eclectic mix of clients. Everyday is a new vibe, from creative start up and social influencer events, right through to massive global brands and companies.

Our biggest event was for 500 people from one of the UK’s leading health and fitness companies and it was a massive success with so many good memories forged. On the flip reverse of that the day after I was hosting 20 people from a small tech start up, so it’s incredibly varied but just such fun.” (Nathan Roberts)

Generator is located in the heart of Central London, next to King’s Cross station. Unlike any other hostel, it’s a really creative environment with tons of little quirks and features and no matter what you’re up to there’s a space for it.

You can book this space – Search Ellyot for iOS on the appstore or head to

The Workers’ Cafe – Hackney, London

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“There was this one time where we were too cool for Harry Styles of One Direction (or more likely the other way round). Back before we made sandwiches and all the other things we make now, we only sold soups that are made by an amazing French/Iranian chef. Anyway, Harry waltzed in with his mate and bluntly asked “Do you do food?” to which I replied affirmatively and offered him a sample. One of our customers, a friendly Scottish girl, saw he was hesitant and encouraged him to try the sample as she’d just had the soup and loved it. He mumbled something to his mate, declined just as bluntly as his introduction, and they left. After a short pause, the girl asked me, “…was that Harry Styles?” I said, “Yeah, I think it was.” and we both carried on with our evening. And that was that. I must say though, I was much more starstruck when the storyboard illustrator for my favourite cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball came in to try out our co-working space for the day! I’ll admit I fanboyed pretty hard that day.” (Mike, manager of The Workers’ Cafe)

The Workers’ Cafe is located in Hackney, London. As well as their fascinating, creative, professionals with diverse careers and backgrounds, they are the only place that offers the setting of a cosy, independent cafe with the purpose of a co-working space.

You can book this space with Ellyot. Download the app and check us out on

Kaffeine Café by DesignLSM – London


DesignLSM have recently completed the interiors for a second outlet for Kaffeine, based in Eastcastle Street W1.

Kaffeine is an independent Australian / New Zealand owned café delivering high standards in service, food, coffee and décor.




The World’s best bar 2015


Artisan in London, close to Oxford Circus is the World’s best bar 2015. With it’s delicious creation of cocktails inspired by Dalì and it’s elegant environment it really is a special places to for a drink or two. One Cocktail comes in a wooden box with smoke coming out, the box of secrets the waiters will say. Another Cocktail will be served by putting you a ring on your finger which carries a fisher net that embraces the glass.

cocktail-bar-in-central-london sexonthebeach2

It all sounds very weird, but you have to go, see and taste it to really believe it.

(r)evolution VS fad : gender fluidity

think-outside-the-gender-binary is THE now credo! few happenings:

• the “mx” honorific being this close to be officially included by the oxford dictionary to its next edition,  as a way to represent all those who do not want define as “mr” or “ms”, “over the past two years, ‘mx’ has seen a surge in acceptance and is now recognised on official documents such as driving licenses and bank statements”…

•• we live in the same world where facebook and google+ have added that new ‘infinite’ gender options for users

••• the american comedy-drama television series “transparent”, produced by picrow for amazon studios, debuted on february 6 last year, the story revolves around a LA family and their lives following the discovery that the person they knew as their father Mort is transgender

•••• trans models (from hari nef to andreja pejic), besides the fact that they are trans and models, they are also been found to burn up the runway, mm

••••• selfridge’s ‘agender’ pop-up department, aiming to create a ‘genderless shopping experience’,  is claimed to represent one of the hottest initiatives in fashion this year, and in retail all the more

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.48.13

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.48.27

last but hey not least, coufme was yesterday part of the freaky funny audience at the official preview of  my model / myself exhibition by (con)temporary artist mx (number one and most well-known representative of the mxs) justin vivian bond (the exhibition is open to visitors from today, may 6) at vitrine gallery, groundbreaking name among the variety of Bermondsey art spaces.

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.45.20

Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.45.33

interesting enough, mx bond draws his/her(?) exposition as “a journey to escape traditional gender roles through a



of self-creation

as a survival


Schermata 2015-05-06 alle 12.49.46


or a subtle peek into a darwinian evolution chapter?

SØLVE SUNDSBØ ||| I have no style


Sølve Sundsbø is one of the great innovators in contemporary image-making. His capacity for visual experimentation has brought him enduring respect within the industry. His advertising clients include Chanel, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Hermès, Armani, Louis Vuitton, H&M and Yves Saint Laurent. Sundsbø has also created editorials for Italian Vogue, Love Magazine, Visionaire, V, Interview, i-D, The New York Times, Vogue Nippon, and W Magazine.

If I’ve got a style, it’s that I’ve got no style


Sølve Sundsbø was born and raised in Norway and has lived in London since 1995. He is a defiantly modern photographer, creating images that are strange, skewed, manipulated, at times ethereal, at times uncanny, always interesting.

When he came to London from Norway to study at the London College of Printing. After four months he was discovered and snatched away from his degree by Nick Knight, who employed him as his assistant for the next four years. It was a formative education, working within the extraordinarily influential and inventive environs of SHOWstudio, alongside many of the key creatives of the era. And since then, he has continued to push the form of the fashion photograph far beyond the formula of girl-meets-dress, creating finely wrought, intelligent, beautiful images that always startle and intrigue.



How does living in the UK differ from Norway?  What do you miss from your home town?
It is very different. Norway has the innocence of being provincial and quite pure. The energy and the pace and grit of the UK makes it so much more interesting for me as a photographer. But I miss the nature and the quiet lifestyle…


• He has also created artwork for several album covers, most notably Coldplay’s A Rush of Blood to the Head •••

Image •••