Adidas in Savile Row

adidas-x-size-x-Henry-Poole-NMD-R2-02-1Adidas is a brand synonymous with sport, Stormzy and tracksuits. Henry Poole is a brand synonymous with Savile Row, military tunics and the smoking jacket. Not exactly a combination that comes to mind immediately, however, the two recently collaborated over a new trainer.

Henry Poole is a tailors which was founded in 1806, and was one of the first tailors on the now world famous Savile Row. Their tailors have created suits for everyone from Napoleon III, Charles Dickens and even Winston Churchill.

Adidas, who took inspiration from the long, illustrious history of Henry Poole, produced a shoe that fuses street wear with tailoring. While at first seeming a bit odd, it’s become a new trend, with many a red carpet being graced with the combination of tuxedo and trainer. The trainer is now seen as an alternative to the more classic Oxford or Brogue shoe. This meant that a trainer was the most suitable way to form a collaboration between the two clothing brands.

The Adidas-Henry Poole shoe, which is a variation on the Adidas NMD, has 2 colours, a navy blue and a charcoal grey variation, both of which come in a purple mesh bag, and for that added touch of class and sophistication – a wooden shoebox.

We think Adidas is always edging it with innovative new pieces and we love it.

Read more on this collaboration here.


A studded soul


STUDS all around Milan.. thank you gienchi

Who’s this guy ??

Hard to say. He is a fashion designer, that’s for sure. He’s a model, too. A creative, an artist, no doubt, but in the end I would say that he is the next generation of Italian fashion.

Giancarlo Grossi aka gienchi gap.

This is the situation: Gienchi’s creations are ahead of the trends in fashion because they create the latest trends.




Gienchi isn’t about imitation; he’s about creation.

Have a look around: whether they’re on a jacket, shirt or shoes, everyone wears studs everywhere. As one of the first designers to customize sneakers Gienchi started this trend.

Well, I always had problems in finding shoes that I really liked. So, it began as an answer to this lack. I started experimenting on my old shoes… and it worked!


studs or trends ?…


Jeffrey Campbell | JC

Since 2000, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes has been capturing the essence of the street; weaving it together with a vintage style & runway flair, creating a line of shoes instantly recognizable the world over.


( above: UO X JC macrame lita, spring special )


( above: JC skate )


Inspiration and design ideas come from everywhere.

The “JC design team” isn’t a group of 6th Avenue, corner office executives… it’s you.

It’s the JC Girl bloggers. It’s the interns, the assistants, boyfriends, girlfriends and boutique owners around the world, all trading ideas with the JC Team.