Kaffeine Café by DesignLSM – London


DesignLSM have recently completed the interiors for a second outlet for Kaffeine, based in Eastcastle Street W1.

Kaffeine is an independent Australian / New Zealand owned café delivering high standards in service, food, coffee and décor.




Haus B | Germany


In a heritage listed environment at the foot of the vineyards on the Rotenberg, this new home for a young family has been created. The historic building law with cultural heritage constraints and the difficult dimensions of the building grounds were initially quite an obstacle and did restrict the wishes of the building owners. Within these narrow constraints a pure home is created, a home with frugal details and apt quotes of past building traditions.



The shell of the home is all white. It is intended to trace the historical setting demanded by preservation of historical monuments and to illuminate it in it´s new glace. A single format for the windows with clean shutter elements opens up the facade and acts as frame for the desired vistas of the vineyards. Narrow frame profiles and flush windows give the home`s shell a skinlike apearance. The shutters` design contains historic ornaments, creating a connection to the building`s predecessor.









In the latest instalment of our regular series Beautiful Games, we get all nostalgic with these specially-crafted Subbuteo figures made by enthusiast Terry Lee. Using body parts salvaged from crushed players and with kit details painstakingly hand-painted, each model takes up to two days to create. The resulting figures, which depict classic moments from footballing history such as Roger Milla’s corner-flag celebration and Diego Maradona’s ‘hand of God’, are located within original Subbuteo stadiums and, of course, set on the undulating Astroturf that was the bane of every young Subbuteo fan’s life.

By Jonny Weeks

more on: http://www.subbuteo-art.blogspot.it/





Lacoste Imagines ‘Polo Shirts Of The Future’

To celebrate its 80th birthday, Lacoste—with the help of creative agency MNSTR—has imagined the ‘Polo of the Future’.

In a futuristic video to inspire creatives, revealed by the brand, ‘Polo of the Future’ features shirts true to the space-age fashion that have color-changing abilities, extendable sleeves, and neon-glowing fabric.

Lacoste is inviting fans to come up with and submit their own ideas for technologically-advanced Polos, that could change the way we shop and wear our clothes, on the website Lacoste Future.

The New Wave of Barbershops in Los Angeles

YouTube channel Thrash Lab has released the latest video in its Subculture Club series. After showcasing the world of Freegans, Custom Motorcycle Builders, and Beard and Mustache Enthusiasts to name just a few, the Subculture Club continues on its voyage to educate. This installment focuses on the world of barbering, in particular taking a closer look at three LA barbershops. The episode interviews the owners of Capsule Barbers, Bolt Barbers and Proper Barbershop about the vision for their business, what they want customers achieve after a visit, and overall their own personal love for the art of barbering. With each expressing the love of their craft and the belief in a ‘look good, feel good’ mentality, it’s easy to see the goal behind each profiled barbershop to create a unique feel for their business and an individual experience for each customer that walks through its doors. With Subculture Club‘s aim to explore the divide between the ‘us and them’ mindset of certain subcultures and lifestyles, this latest installment provides a great insight into an art form with a rich history and such passion from those who practice it.

By Dave Horner