A unique, unisex piece designed with the sporty hunk out at sea in mind, as well as the hot babe lounging on deck, soaking up the sun. The silhouette is solid—a thick bridge and bold outline that collide in a sharp and masculine appeal, but these shades will look just as good on her as on him, exuding that certain kind of sexiness of a gal in her boyfriend’s shades.

This model is characterized by a gold metal decor on the front that winds around the smooth corners of the musetto. The rich molasses-colored havana is dipped with a coat of matte black acetate, giving the sunglasses a smooth and silky finish to the touch.

The elegance is in the details–delicate gold ‘RETROSUPERFUTURE’ inscriptions, the glimmer as the acetate catches the light and the visibility of the skeleton. Not to mention the signature of the model, a gold anchor modestly sitting on the end of one of the inner arms.